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I am a motivated IT professional with a Masters in ITM (Information Technology and Management) from the Illinois Institute of Technology. I have a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics and an Associates of Science in General Business as well as an Associates of Applied Science in Information Technology all three from Cameron University in Lawton Oklahoma


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Currently not in the job market, have landed a new job at The University of Texas at Arlington as a System Administor and start January 17th 2023!

Relevant Papers and Code Examples


Data Center Paper

Paper I did about private Data Centers versus the Cloud providers

OpenBSD Paper

Paper I did about OpenBSD and its uses

Network Attached Storage Paper

Paper I did about NAS appliances and FreeNAS

Business Management Paper

Paper I did as part of my business management for tech professionals class

Code Examples

Perl based add Linux User Program

Perl program I did that interactivly adds user to system if requirments are met

Python program I did that is a change calculator

Python program I did as part of my graduate Python programming course that creates a graphical change calculator

Papers done for Liquid Web

Paper about installing OpenBSD

Paper I did on OpenBSD for Liquid Web

Paper what is OpenBSD

Second paper I did on OpenBSD for Liquid Web

Paper about CAPex vs OPex

Paper I did on OPex vs CAPex funding for Liquid Web

Paper about Enterprise Storage

Paper I did on Enterirpse Storage for Liquid Web